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350种自然和替代医学癌症治疗电子书 (Natural Cancer Treatments That Work)

This 420-page ebook reveals 350 different natural treatments

Also contains:

* 2000 testimonials of actual cancer patients and what natural remedy worked for them, listed by the type of cancer they had.

* Actual reports and statistics on conventional treatments and their “success” rates. The sources where you can find the information and actually read it yourself if you’re so inclined. This particular book could really be upsetting to you…but it’s information you need in order to make an informed decision on whether to go with the recommended treatment your doctor suggests. It also lays out for you what questions you should be asking your doctor before you agree to that treatment.

* Contact information on organizations that will help guide you through your natural treatments.

* Where you can find sympathetic physicians that will help you monitor your progress.

* If you decide to go with conventional medicine methods, what alternative treatments you can use in conjunction with the conventional methods that will produce a better outcome.




(special thanks to Mantesh)

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