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101救生食物电子书 (101 Foods That Could Save Your Life)

When it comes to food, nature provides a wealth of delicious choices. But each one also supplies unique health benefits. From apples to yogurt, this 275-page comprehensive encyclopedia eBook of power foods from top nutritionist David Grotto proves that what tastes good can also be good for you—and tells you why. Did you know…

  • A handful of tart cherries before bed can help you sleep better
  • Hot peppers may fight skin cancer
  • Potatoes may reduce the risk of stroke
  • Grape juice may be as heart-healthy as red wine
  • Honey can help wounds heal faster

In working with thousands of clients over many years and searching for the most nutritious and tasty foods, David Grotto made a simple but profound discovery: telling people what they couldn’t eat was far less effective than telling them what they could. So began his list of power foods, rich in nutrients, loaded with disease-fighting antioxidants and important omega fats—and surprisingly more familiar than you might expect.



(special thanks to Mantesh)

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