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饮食和营养电子书 (Food and Nutrition)

This 291-page eBook equips readers with all that entails the science of handling food in a technical and scientific manner, and retaining its nutritive qualities. The book begins with an all-round look into the intricacies of food science-what import it carries; the techniques and principles underlying it, the development of foods, the disciplines and aspects of food involved, etc.

Food and Nutrition explains the basic and introductory principles of nutrition and food science and covers the entire process of food from harvesting or slaughtering, through processing and cooking, to final consumption. Packaging, storage and distribution and how lack of proper processes and techniques can affect food quality and safety are also discussed in detail.

Author represents a culmination of years of teaching and research in psychology and nutrition science. The experience of the author yields a balanced presentation of both the science of nutrition and the components of behavioral change.

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(special thanks to Mantesh)

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