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选择和使用香料电子书 (Choosing and Using Spices: A Definitive Guide to Spices and Aromatic Ingredients and How to Use Them)

This 170-page eBook is the most comprehensive reference guide to all the familiar and lesser-known spices. Complete with a fascinating historical introduction and information on preparation and cooking techniques, containers and equipment.



  • Features a full-color photographic identification guide to 50 spices in all their guises. Illustrated recipes for over 35 traditional spice mixtures.
  • Every entry describes the spice’s aroma, flavor, and appearance, as well as its medicinal, domestic and culinary uses.
  • Includes more than 100 classic and contemporary recipes from all over the world – each with full-color step-by-step instructions and a glorious picture of the finished dish.
  • Provides illustrated instructions on how to make scented gifts and decorations from spices and prepare aromatic cooking oils, flavored vinegars, and a variety of drinks.

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(special thanks to Mantesh)

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