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超级免疫功能的食品 (Super Immunity Foods: A Complete Program to Boost Wellness, Speed Recovery, and Keep Your Body Strong)

This 273-page eBook will help you achieve optimal health with the top 25 immunity-boosting foods and build immunity that beats disease and slows down aging while increasing your energy.

Who doesn’t want fewer colds, softer skin, or youthful vitality? Frances Sheridan Goulart, author of the ever-popular Super Healing Foods, now brings you a program for the 25 foods that strengthen the body’s six immune centers and help heal and reverse the most common ailments.

Focusing on the top 25 foods provides a simple plan that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle. With delicious recipes and complete menus, a newer, healthier you is now within reach.

Did you know these food facts?

  • Orange and tangerine rinds are a good source of probiotics for digestive health
  • Cooked broccoli is higher in the antioxidants called carotenes, but raw broccoli is higher in vitaminC
  • Apple peels are rich in a compound that helps to halt the growth of cancer cells

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