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让自己变得更好电子书 (Make Yourself Better: A Practical Guide to Restoring Your Body’s Well-being through Ancient Medicine)

Do you struggle to wake up in the morning? Do you feel sluggish, or find it hard to shift excess weight no matter how much you exercise? Most important, do these symptoms affect your confidence and self-esteem? Chemicals, poisons, and additives are all a part of modern daily life. This 242-page eBook is a practical guide to discovering a greater level of health and vitality through safe and natural detox. Philip Weeks clearly guides you through the process of cleansing your body by using a combination of natural techniques, diet, and herbal medicines that will rid your body of harmful toxins, increase your energy levels, and improve your general sense of well-being. “Make Yourself Better” is for anyone who would like to make simple changes to improve their lifestyle and protect themselves against ill-health and disease.

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