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蒸蔬菜教学视频 (How To Steam Vegetables. Rouxbe Cooking School Video Lessons)

Here are 7 instructional videos on how to steam vegetables by The Rouxbe Cooking School. Rouxbe is an online cooking school that teaches home cooks, culinary students, and culinary professionals to become better and more confident cooks. Rouxbe captures a professional culinary curriculum in close-up video and delivers it via self-paced online classes, making professional culinary instruction more accessible and affordable to both individuals and organizations. Founded in 2005 by professional chefs Joe Girard and Dawn Thomas, Rouxbe has been adopted by professional culinary schools, high schools, food services organizations, and cooking enthusiasts around the world.

1. How to Prepare Kale


2. Intro to Steaming Vegetables


3. How to Prep Vegetables for Steaming


4. How to Steam Vegetables


5. How to Test Steamed Vegetables


6. How to Finish Steamed Vegetables


7. How to Store Steamed Vegetables

(special thanks to Mantesh)

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