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自家药草调制电子书 (Home Herbal: The Ultimate Guide to Cooking, Brewing, and Blending Your Own Herbs)

This 354-page eBook taps into the healing power of plants. A modern answer to the traditional herbal, this beautifully illustrated book shows you how easy it is to grow and use a wide range of safe, effective medicinal herbs at home. Discover how to treat everyday ailments with home-made tinctures, and syrups, and how to use food as medicine with delicious, seasonal herb-based soups, smoothies and juices, hot drinks, and salads that will soothe, calm, and heal.

Home Herbal opens with step-by-step advice on how to source herbs: how to grow your own, forage in the wild, or buy them from a herbalist. The next section of the book explains how to use herbs. It recommends the top herbs for treating common ailments and presents nourishing, healing recipes for every season, such as smoothies to boost immunity, soups for common colds, and hot drinks for insomnia.

It includes step-by-step techniques and herbal recipes for balms, massage blends, and bath oils. Finally, a fully illustrated A-Z directory of herbs covers everything you need to know about each of the 100 herbs selected, from how to grow them, to which conditions they can help to treat, and the best ways to apply them.

With Home Herbal as your guide, discover the satisfaction that comes from growing your own herbs and using them to care for yourself and your family, safe in the knowledge that they are natural and gentle, but highly effective.


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