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素食生活傻瓜电子书 (Living Vegetarian for Dummies)

Your practical 387-page eBook to a healthy vegetarian lifestyle:

Are you considering becoming a vegetarian? This comprehensive guide gives you all the expert advice you need to make the transition smooth, healthy, and happy for yourself and your family. Living Vegetarian For Dummies covers everything from converting your kitchen to a meat-free space to following basic vegetarian etiquette.


  •     Defining vegetarianism — the how and why of vegetarian living, benefits for you and the planet, proper nutritional guidance, and ways to make the transition
  •     Playing the name game — easy-to-understand explanations of lacto ovo vegetarianism, veganism, flexitarianism, and more
  •     Equipping a vegetarian kitchen — information on common ingredients, how to keep your shopping costs low, and cooking tools and techniques
  •     Cooking vegetarian — dozens of tasty recipes the whole family will enjoy, from soups, salads, and sides to hearty main dishes
  •     Living vegetarian for life — tips for moving through life while living and eating among meat eaters, dating nonvegetarians, managing pregnancy, and aging healthfully
  •     Replacing meat and meat byproducts — suggestions for using vegetarian substitutes and replacement ingredients in place of meat in your favorite traditional recipes

Open the book and find:

  •     Health benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle
  •     Nutrition know-how for living vegetarian
  •     Food shopping tips
  •     Tips on getting the vitamins and minerals you need
  •     Different approaches to ease your transition away from meat
  •     Basics of food label lingo
  •     Ways to eat vegetarian while dining out and on the go
  •     Practical advice on entertaining your nonvegetarian guests
  •     Meatless meals that the whole family will love

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(special thanks to Mantesh)

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