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现在癌症是能治疗好记录片和电子书 (Cancer is Curable Now – 2011)

111-minute documentary containing animations and interviews with over 30 doctors, researchers, and natural practitioners from around the world discussing holistic cancer treatments. The film is the result of 2 ½ years of traveling and research by Marcus Freudenmann, and his wife Sabrina. Motivated by the death of a friend from cancer, the couple visited natural treatment centers in Australia, Germany, Mexico and the United States. Among the doctors interviewed are Leigh Erin Connealy, Adem Günes and Charlotte Gerson from the Gerson Institute.  Additional to a multitude of physical and dietary treatments, this documentary uncovers the various problems,physical and emotional that promote and cause cancer.



Cancer is Curable Now (2011)电子书:

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