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生食物饮食电子书 (Rawsome!: Maximizing Health, Energy, and Culinary Delight With the Raw Foods Diet)

In this 185-page eBook, renowned nutritional consultant and raw foods adherent, Brigitte Mars, provides more than 200 kitchen-tested, real-people-approved raw foods recipes and presents historical data and scientific evidence confirming the efficacy of raw foods diets in: Supporting emotional stability; Increasing energy levels; Clearing the skin; Boosting immune-system function; improving digestive function; Dispelling depression: Sustaining overall good health. In addition, Mars points out the environmental benefits of the raw foods diet, making a case for eating raw foods as a means of reducing waste, making the most of agricultural practice, and reducing the ! human footprint on the earth. Whether the reader wants to jump right into an all-raw diet or just wants to introduce more raw foods into the diet, Mars offers gentle encouragement and practical instruction. Readers will find advice on planning a balanced diet to meet their nutritional needs, combining foods for best effect, preserving raw foods, equipping the raw kitchen, sprouting, juicing, and every other technique that makes the raw foods diet simple,delicious, and healthful. In-depth profiles describe the nutritional and health benefits of hundreds of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seasonings.

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