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永久青春健身饮料电子书 (Forever Young Fitness Drinks)

This 68-page eBook teaches how to incorporate fish, poultry, beans, and quality protein powders into a low-fat diet . Protein is a vital part of nutrition. A portion of this vital energy source is lost every day and needs to be replenished. The recipes here create a “power” week of great tasting drinks. As the fat melts away, you’re vitality will increase!

“Protein is the most valuable vital nutrient in your diet. Your body is made up of protein —hopefully it isn’t just made of fat. Every day you lose a little of this power fuel and every day you must replenish it. Because many protein sources in our diets also include fat, and fat hinders protein digestion, I recommend eating protein with little or no fat, such as in the form of tender fish, lean poultry, cottage cheese, yogurt, and legumes. But because these foods are not always available, I suggest you also use a high-quality protein powder, preferably in combination with fruits or vegetables as found in these fitness drinks. 

Put in a power week with our fitness drinks. You’ll lose a pound a day while gaining vitality and well-being. Here’s to your health!”

– Dr. Ulrich Strunz

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