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梅克斯葛森-葛森氏疗法治无望电子书 (Dr. Max Gerson- Healing the Hopeless)

Life story of controversial health care pioneer, Dr. Max Gerson, including his dietary and detox therapies for treating cancer and chronic disease, including his well-known coffee enema. Dr. Gerson was the first medical ecologist, making the connection between health and environment. Born in Germany, he practiced medicine there until 1933 and made his reputation by curing tuberculosis and other degenerative diseases. He cured Dr. Albert Schweitzer’s Type wife of lung tuberculosis with his special diet. Moving to the U.S., he wrote a controversial book on the links between nutrition and cancer: A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases(1958), and practiced medicine until his death in 1959. Undaunted by attacks on his ideas, Dr. Gerson founded nutritional treatment centers in New York State for cancer and other illnesses. The Gerson Institute in San Diego, CA, and the Gerson Clinic in Mexico, both founded by his daughter, Charlotte Gerson, still thrive.


梅克斯葛森-治无望 /Dr. Max Gerson- Healing the Hopeless

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