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术后烹饪傻瓜电子书 (Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook for Dummies)

Get empowered to lose weight and keep it off after surgery

This 364-page hands-on eBook is all about what foods to buy, how to prepare them, and how to enjoy a nutritious post-surgery diet. It helps you solidify new eating habits and enjoy some new recipes, as well as better understand nutrition and your food intake so that you can maintain your weight loss long after surgery.

  •     Get to know the new you — discover dietary guidelines from day one after the surgery, and on through the four stages that lead up to eating regular foods (clear liquids, full liquids, smooth foods, and soft foods)
  •     Stay on course ?— find out how healthy eating plans, portion sizes, nutrition, food diaries, and wise food choices can help you keep the weight off after surgery
  •     Start cookin’, good lookin’ — start making healthy, hearty, and delicious dishes for meals from breakfast through dinner, organized by type of food for quick reference
  •     Enjoy snacks, salads, and more — get simple and scrumptious recipes to enjoy anytime, from smoothies and appetizers to soups and sides

Open the book and find:

  •     Dietary guidelines and menus for clear liquids, full liquids, smooth foods, soft foods, and regular foods
  •     Tips on meal-planning, setting up your kitchen, and stocking your pantry
  •     Coverage of common cooking methods
  •     Proper portion sizes for you to stay on track
  •     Easy-to-find ingredients and nearly 150 easy-to-prepare recipes
  •     Nutrition information included with each recipe
  •     Ten tips for long-term success


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(special thanks to Mantesh)

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