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新平方英尺从事园艺电子书 (All New Square Foot Gardening)

“Anyone,” “anywhere” can enjoy a Square Foot garden (SFG). Children, adults with limited mobility, even complete novices can achieve spectacular results with this 231-page eBook, resulting in NO WORK, NO WEEDS, NO DIGGING and NO TOOLS NEEDED.



A Square Foot Garden allows you to:

  •     plant a mixture of flowers, vegetables and herbs for a totally landscaped look.
  •     take only an hour a week to maintain a perfect look all season.
  •     grow twice as much in half the space using Mel’s special organic soil mix.
  •     eliminate heavy work like tilling, hoeing or constant weeding.
  •     take an Earth-friendly approach to gardening. Grow green!
  •     make gardening so simple & easy you can learn it in less than an hour.
  •     bring your garden right up close to your kitchen door instead of way out back like old-fashioned single-row gardens.


The original SFG book sold over a million copies but now after 25 years, the author has made Ten Major new Improvements to the original SFG method:

  1. New Location – Move your garden closer to your house by eliminating single-row gardening. Square Foot Garden needs just “twenty percent” of the space of a traditional garden.
  2. New Direction – Locate your garden “on top” of existing soil. Forget about pH soil tests, double-digging (who enjoys that?), or the never-ending soil improvements.
  3. New Soil – The new “Mel’s Mix” is the perfect growing mix. Why, we even give you the recipe. Best of all, you can even “buy” the different types of compost needed.
  4. New Depth – You only need to prepare a SFG box to a depth of 6 inches! It’s true–the majority of plants develop just fine when grown at this depth.
  5. No Fertilizer – The all new SFG does not need any fertilizer-ever! If you start with the perfect soil mix, then you don’t need to add fertilizer.
  6. New Boxes – The new method uses bottomless boxes placed aboveground. We show you how to build your own (with step-by-step photos).
  7. New Aisles – The ideal gardening aisle width is about three to four feet. That makes it even easier to kneel, work, and harvest.
  8. New Grids – Prominent and permanent grids added to your SFG box help you visualize the planting squares and know how to space for maximum harvest.
  9. New Seed Saving Idea – The old-fashioned way advocates planting many seeds and then thinning the extras (that means pulling them up). The new method means planting a pinch- literally two or three seeds–per planting hole.
  10. Tabletop Gardens – The new boxes are so much smaller and lighter (only 6 inches of soil, remember?), you can add a plywood bottom to make them portable.




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(special thanks to Mantesh)

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