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寿司电子书 (The Book of Sushi)

This 125-page eBook is a guide for the lover of sushi, whether eating in restaurants or preparing it at home. This book presents a fine introduction to sushi and sushi making and design. Not only are the basic techniques of sushi making described, the authors reveal the history of sushi, the process of obtaining fish for sushi, the etiquette of sushi eating, regional variations and nutritional benefits of sushi, the training necessary to become a sushi chef like the author Kinjiro Omae.

Omae was the son of a famous sushi maker. He became chairman of the Tokyo Sushi Association and then president of the Federation of Japan Sushi Shops. The co-author, Yuzuru Tachibana, graduated from Gakushuin University in 1955. Tachibana holds a professional chef’s license, and as president of International Foods Corporation oversaw the management of Benkay, a chain of Japanese restaurants established in eleven major cities of the world.


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