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七天排毒清潔电子书 (The Seven-Day Total Cleanse : A Revolutionary New Juice Fast and Yoga Plan to Purify Your Body and Clarify the Mind)

This 274-page eBook isn’t just another diet book, and it’s much more than a detox. It combines raw juice cleansing, a raw food diet, the yogic lifestyle, and other daily self-care rituals to achieve true mind-body connection. The result is not only weight loss, but renewed energy, greater serenity, and real, lasting health.

Daily instructions for completing a successful seven-day total cleanse, including:

  • Delicious and varied juice recipes
  • Easy beauty indulgences
  • Hour-by-hour guidelines to keep cleansers focused and calm
  • Meditations
  • Raw food recipes for post-cleanse meals


Day 1 – The First Chakra
Juice Color: Red • Body Area: Base of Spine and Lower Back • Emotion: Grounding

Day 2 – The Second Chakra
Juice Color: Orange • Body Area: Hips, Sacrum • Emotion: Joyful Self-Expression

Day 3 – The Third Chakra
Juice Color: Yellow • Body Area: Spine and Naval • Emotion: Confidence and Fearlessness

Day 4 – The Fourth Chakra
Juice Color: Green • Body Area: Heart • Emotion: Devotion and Unconditional Love

Day 5 – The Fifth Chakra
Juice Color: Bright Blue • Body Area: Throat • Emotion: Truthfulness

Day 6 – The Sixth Chakra
Juice Color: Deep Blue • Body Area: Brow and Brain • Emotion: Intuition and Mental Clarity

Day 7 – The Seventh Chakra
Juice Color: Violet • Body Area: Top of the Head • Emotion: Pure and Universal Consciousness

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(special thanks to Mantesh)

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