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This nonprofit website is dedicated to my loving mother. It served as our nutritional resource platform in battling her epithelial ovarian cancer.



The broader purpose of is to raise global cancer awareness. To educate the public on how diets benefit or hinder our bodies’ natural defense against the onset or metastasis of cancer cells. Being informed on the best and worst types of food components we intake into our intricate systems may prove invaluable in keeping cancer at bay.

Featuring a diverse range of savory yet healthy recipes may reinforce the message that conscientious eating does not necessarily entail sacrificing the simple, gastronomic pleasures of life. Our collective goals should be to optimize nutrition with minimal compromise to our standard of living.


Medical practitioners, amid their busy schedules, would often forget to remind patients that the war on cancer is a continuous battle that starts before and after surgery, radiation, or drug therapy. It is unfortunate that hospitals around the world send cancer patients home after rigorous treatments, without offering nutritional consultation detailing specific foods to feed their ill-stricken bodies. In response, we aim to provide an user-friendly, secondary source of reference for those seeking comprehensive answers to their dietary inquiries.


The shared resources are intended as supplemental guides for all cancer victims and care-giving family members who are inflicted by this deadly illness. We also hope to reach health professionals and nutritionists, to keep them informed in areas where they may have previously overlooked. The large collection of plant-based recipes are not intended to sway readers from conventional medical practice, but rather acts as additional weapon to supplement in tandem with existing treatments prescribed by one’s physician.   


Notwithstanding the conspiracy theories tainting influential pharmaceutical industry and “big government” lobby groups, we should as a people continue to place our trust in evidence-based scientific methods driving human progress. Likewise, we should not be completely ignorant to the fallibility of free-market forces/government interventions that fund research studies prone to biases. In our journey of knowledge-seeking, it is prudent to compare medical recommendations from multiple sources. Finding consistencies in data will more likely minimize any misinformation that would hinder the treatment process.


My deepest gratitude goes out to our doctors, counselor, nurses, and staff members,
whom continuously exemplify enormous medical professionalism & heartfelt compassion,
in prolonging my mother’s life.