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营养闡明演讲和电子书 (Nutrition Made Clear: 36-part Lecture Series & eBook)


This 36 in-depth lecture series and eBook is your opportunity to finally sort through nutrition misconceptions and replace them with hard science you can understand. Taught by dietitian and award-winning Professor Roberta H. Anding, you explore the fundamentals of good nutrition and get a practical and personal guide to applying these fundamentals to your unique lifestyle. Designed to appeal to anyone at any age, this course is an invaluable source of medically backed, statistically proven information about the guidelines for healthy eating and living.

Below is part 24 of a 36-part series: Nutrition and Cancer Prevention


Course Lecture Titles (click on links to view lecture videos)

  1. 01. Why We Eat What We Do
  2. 02. Sources of Nutrition Fact and Fiction
  3. 03. Our Underappreciated Digestive Tract
  4. 04. It’s All about the Calories!
  5. 05. Hydration—You Are What You Drink
  6. 06. Not All Carbohydrates Are Created Equal
  7. 07. Facts on Fiber
  8. 08. Protein—An Indispensable Nutrient
  9. 09. Fat, Fat Everywhere!
  10. 10. Vitamins—Spotlight on C
  11. 11. Vitamins A and K—Multitaskers
  12. 12. Vitamin E—Fallen Hero; Vitamin D—Rising Star
  13. 13. B Vitamin Basics
  14. 14. The Major Minerals
  15. 15. The Highs and Lows of Sodium and Potassium
  16. 16. Iron, Zinc, Selenium—Balance Is Everything
  17. 17. Cardiovascular Disease—What Are the Risks?
  18. 18. A Heart-Healthy Lifestyle
  19. 19. The DASH Diet—A Lifesaver
  20. 20. Obesity—Public Health Enemy Number One
  21. 21. Healthy Weight Management
  22. 22. Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes
  23. 23. Dietary Approaches to Weight Management
  24. 24. Nutrition and Cancer Prevention (playing above)
  25. 25. Nutrition and Digestive Health
  26. 26. Prebiotics and Probiotics in Your Diet
  27. 27. Food Safety—It’s in Your Hands
  28. 28. Demystifying Food Labels
  29. 29. Facts on Functional Foods
  30. 30. A Look at Herbal Therapy
  31. 31. Organic or Conventional—Your Choice
  32. 32. Fake or Real—Sugars and Fats
  33. 33. Creating Your Own Personal Nutrition Plan
  34. 34. Exercise and Nutrition—Partners for Life
  35. 35. The Future of Nutrition—Science and Trends
  36. 36. Nutrition Facts and FAQs


104-page eBook:

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